About the service

The Psycho-social Response National Coordination service is a direct response to COVID-19, with the overarching goal of ensuring whānau Māori are not at a double disadvantage due to the impacts of the pandemic

This interim service supports the Māori mental health and addiction providers in planning, coordinating and delivering psychosocial interventions and mental health and addiction services during the current Alert Level response to COVID-19 and up to six-months as we move between Alert Levels and emerge from the impacts of COVID-19.

He āpiti hono, he tātai hono

That Which is Joined Remains an Unbroken Line

Māori have incredible resilience, and our whakapapa stories tell us so. Our role as the National Coordination service for Māori providers is to once again support our providers and communities to harness that resilience.

We know that for whānau Māori, support and connection are instrumental to wellbeing, and this service will privilege the needs of whānau in conjunction with the knowledge systems and practices of kaupapa Māori organisations. Key connections in Addiction Treatment, Public Health, Research and Evaluation are critical elements in this work and Tātaihono provides strong sector leadership in this matter.

The National Coordination Service maintains the Tātaihono website, which is a hub for information for Māori providers tailored to the needs of Māori Mental health and addictions providers in the aftermath of COVID-19, as well as delivery of updates and feedback loops for Māori mental health and addictions sector.